The game warden approached a small boy who was sitting by the water’s edge, grinning broadly, as the sun beat down on the peaceful lakeside. He had a fishing rod and exuded an odd kind of confidence.

“May I see your fishing license, please?” the game warden asked the boy after clearing his throat. Though he spoke in a courteous tone, his mistrust was clear.

“Yeah, sir,” the child said in a casual manner. “I don’t require any of their documents. Here are the fish I keep as pets.”

Clearly fascinated, the game warden raised an eyebrow. “Pet fish?!”

The boy’s enthusiastic eyes brightened. Yeah. I take these fish of mine out to the lake once a week and let them swim around for a little. They immediately swim back into my net when I whistle, and I bring them home.”

The warden’s doubt was evident on every part of his countenance. “What a bunch of nonsense… You are being detained.”

The youngster, called Little Johnny, didn’t seem to be phased. With a simple shrug, he added, “I’ll prove it to you; it’s the reality! This is what we always do!”

“We do, now, do WE?” the warden grinned. “PROVE it!”

Little Johnny confidently let each fish go into the lake, observing as they gracefully swam away. Then he waited, standing on the edge of the sea. The warden watched carefully, obviously enjoying himself.

The warden’s patience ran thin after a few minutes of silence, so he asked, “Well?”

With an innocent expression, Little Johnny turned to face the warden. He said, “Well, WHUT?”

“When are you going to call ’em back?” the agitated warden questioned, pointing to the lake.

With a confused blink, Little Johnny looked at the ocean. “Call who back?” he said, his expression real confusion in response to his head scratching.

The warden of games could not suppress a laugh. “The fish,” he answered back.

Little Johnny shrugged and asked, “Whut fish?” with a playful grin in his eye.