There lived a woman in a peaceful suburban neighbourhood who was dealing with an uncommon situation. Her husband was prone to losing his cool under any circumstance, which sometimes led to intense arguments that left them both worn out and anxious. She could not stand to watch as these frequent outbursts harmed their relationship.

She was desperate and made the decision to consult a well-known physician in the area who was also known for his sharp sense of humour. The physician, renowned for his nontraditional remedies, listened to her problems with patience.

“Doctor, my husband’s temper is driving us apart,” the woman said. I require assistance to handle it. How can I help?”

With a cunning smile tugging at the corners of his lips, the doctor reclined in his chair. “My dear,” he began, “I have a very special idea for you.” When you see him lose it, swallow your ego and your irritation. Avoid getting into a fight and control your emotions. Just hold everything inside till he gets out of the room or settles down.”

The woman chose to attempt this unconventional advise even if it perplexed her a little. After a span of two weeks, she came back to the physician’s office with a renewed sense of calm and renewal.

“Doctor,” she cried out, “that was a really great idea! I took your advice and my hubby stopped losing it every time. I took a water swish. I continued to sway him, and he immediately became peaceful! How does that come from a drink of water?

The physician couldn’t help but laugh at her reply. With a knowing sparkle in his eyes, he leaned over and murmured, “My dear, the water itself does nothing.” The secret is to keep your mouth shut.”

The woman sparkled as she understood the value of the doctor’s advice. Their house had changed—not the water, but rather her newfound capacity to maintain composure and avoid conflict. She had learned that, on occasion, our own actions and our capacity to remain composed in the face of difficulty can be the most effective means of solving an issue.

The woman continued to use the metaphor of “swishing with water” to control her emotions from that day on. Her husband started to have less temper tantrums, and their house started to feel more harmonic and tranquil. It was a lesson she had acquired from a doctor with an odd but highly successful remedy: the power of patience, self-control, and the capacity to respond to anger with calm and grace.