John and Lisa were a couple who had spent months anticipating their trip to a secluded fishing lodge in the north. It was the ideal escape from their hectic city lives, nestled amid the peaceful beauty of the forest. When it came to what they intended to do with their leisure, though, their tastes were very different.

John loved to fish and was an enthusiastic angler. He like the thought of waking up early to see the first light dance across the immaculate lake—a time when fish were usually at their most active. Lisa, meanwhile, preferred the peace and quiet of a well-read book. She cherished the thought of reading her novels while relaxing by the lake.

John excitedly headed to the lake one sunny morning with his fishing equipment and a packed lunch. Satisfied with her privacy, Lisa observed him vanish into the mist of the early morning and then curled up in her folding chair with a compelling book.

After several hours, John seemed worn out and in need of a rest when his boat eventually appeared on the horizon. He made the decision to spread out on a cosy piece of grass near the lake and take a quick nap, listening to the sounds of nature lulling him to sleep.

Lisa, meantime, noticed that she was growing agitated. She decided to take the boat out and explore the lake because her curiosity got the better of her. Though she wasn’t as familiar with the terrain of the lake as John was, she still felt that a quick boat ride would be a fun way to spend the morning.

She ventured out onto the lake and enjoyed the peaceful, unspoiled waters while rowing slowly. After a while Lisa located a beautiful location, lowered her anchor, and curled up with her best book. She became engrossed in the world of fiction as the pages turned.

A boat with an official appearance reached her just as she was getting lost in the narrative. A stern-looking man in a uniform, the Game Warden, drew up to Lisa’s boat. With a courteous “Good morning, Ma’am,” he greeted her. Why are you in this place?”

Lisa looked up from her book, startled a little, and said, “I’m just reading my book.”

The Game Warden narrowed his eyes at her surroundings and his voice became a little suspicious. “You’re in a restricted fishing area, Ma’am.”

Lisa scowled, looking slightly perplexed. “But I’m not fishing, Officer. Are you blind to that?

The Game Warden narrowed his eyes as he took a closer look at her boat. “Ma’am, you have all this fishing gear on board. I’ll have to admit you and write a report about you.”

Lisa was getting impatient with the scenario and was getting frustrated. “I will charge you with rape if you do that,” she snapped back.

Surprised, the Game Warden said, “I didn’t even touch you!”

Lisa shot back, smirking a little, “Yeah, that’s true, but you have all the tools.”

The Game Warden realised he was in on a lighthearted conversation and had to laugh. “All right, Ma’am, your point has been made. This time, I’ll let you off with a warning. Just remember to abide by the guidelines the next time.”

Lisa nodded and smiled playfully, then went back to reading, while the Game Warden carried on with his patrol, shaking his head at the unexpected visit. Not just for the fishing and reading, but also for the unexpected humour on the placid waters of that northern lake, it proved to be a trip they will both remember.