Joe had always thought of himself as a person who was willing to take some risks, but his most recent escapade had pushed him to the very brink. After spending the night at the casino, he found that he had nothing to show for it other than a broken heart and an empty wallet. His once-immaculate stack of $10,000 had been devoured by the unrelenting slot machines and cruel card tables in the casino.

He was angry as he walked out of the casino into the chilly night and muttered obscenities beneath his breath. He approached a taxi driver and begged, “I’ve lost everything; please, can you give me a ride home for free?” because he had no money for a cab and was miles away from home. His statements were filled with a sense of helplessness and utter frustration.

The taxi driver was unmoved by Joe’s predicament and responded with a dismissive shake of his head and the statement, “Get out of here; you have no money, and you get no ride.”

Joe, who was overcome with disappointment, limped away from the taxi stop while he pondered the options available to him for getting back home. The biting wind caused him discomfort, and he couldn’t help but think about the mistakes he’d done as it blew across his skin.

The next day, Joe made the decision to give his luck another try in an attempt to improve his situation. He went back to the casino despite having a heavy heart and spent the last $100 he had on himself. It seemed as though the stars had miraculously aligned in his favor. He was ultimately blessed by Lady Luck, and as a result, he was able to win back the first $10,000 he had wagered, in addition to an additional $10,000 on top of that.

As Joe walked away from the casino with his newfound wealth, he felt an overwhelming sense of elation. When he walked out onto the street, he was welcomed by a line of five cabs, each of which was waiting for a fare. It was the same taxi that had refused to give him a free ride the day before when he got into the sixth and final cab.

Joe walked up to the driver of the first cab and asked, “Will you take me home for $100?”

The driver gave a slight nod in response and said, “Sure, I can do that.” However, when you bring me back to your house, you’ll be responsible for cleaning up after me as well.

In light of the harsh comments made the previous day, Joe did not think twice before responding with, “To heck with you, dude.”

He then moved on to the subsequent three cabs, only to find that all of the drivers made the same unacceptable requests to him. Joe was disheartened but would not give up, and in the end he went up to the very last cab driver, the one who had turned down his need for assistance when he was in a tough spot.

Joe asked the question with an expectant gleam in his eyes and said, “Will you take me home for $100?”

The driver, upon realizing that Joe was speaking to him, responded, “Sure, deal. However, you will need to make your way past the remaining four cab drivers at a rate that is comparable to that of a snail.

Joe stepped into the cab with a sneaky grin and a sense of success, knowing that he had defeated not just the odds at the casino but also the arrogant taxi drivers who had doubted him. He knew that this meant that he had won. He couldn’t help but grin at the absurdity of the situation as he gently drove by the other drivers and continued on his way. Even when bad luck pushes you to the edge of your sanity, it is possible that a turn for the better is only around the next bend.