After her boyfriend blamed her for a mishap that occurred at his birthday meal, which resulted in him being banned from his favourite restaurant, a young woman sought guidance on the renowned “AITA” thread on Reddit. In this peculiar turn of events, the young woman was looking for guidance because her boyfriend had blamed her for the mishap.

A woman who was 18 years old and her boyfriend who was 20 years old had been together for almost a full year at that point. In spite of the fact that there were no major problems in their relationship, a recurrent cause of strain was the woman’s decision to abstain from eating meat.

Since she was 11 years old, the woman had been firmly committed to living a vegetarian lifestyle, which was led by her strong moral values. However, her boyfriend John was irritated by the fact that she would not spend money on meat items, especially when the two of them were out to dinner together. She had offered to pay for both of them if he selected meat-free options, which was an exception to the normal practise of either of them paying the entire bill or splitting it evenly. Strangely enough, he didn’t very often.

On the infrequent instances that he paid for her meals, it was while they were participating in joint activities such as concerts or festivals, with her spending substantially more money on the admission tickets while he contributed to the cost of food.

The conflict reached its zenith during a birthday meal that John was having at his most favoured fancy restaurant. Along with the accompanying salad and bottle of wine, he selected the most costly cut of steak offered on the menu. John was taken aback when the woman asked for separate bills when the lunch had finally come to a close. Despite the fact that she had a long-standing policy of not spending her money on meat, he appeared to expect her to cover the entire amount because it was his birthday.

The woman reminded him of her values, but John was unable to provide an explanation for his expectation other than the fact that it was his birthday on that day. She recommended that they reach a compromise by her offering to pay for the wine and the side salad while expecting him to pay for the pricey steak. However, this suggestion simply made him more angry, and he walked out to the restroom in a fit of rage as soon as it was suggested.

Twenty minutes went by while she waited calmly for him to come back, but he was nowhere to be found. After making the decision to depart, she located him sitting on a bench nearby, not far from where they had parked the car. He was taken aback by her payment, as he had not been aware that she had made it. When she emphasised that she had covered everything else but the meat, he burst in rage, accusing her of being selfish and asking her to grow up. He said that she had covered everything else except the meat.

She demanded that he go back to the restaurant and pay the tab, despite the fact that he was becoming increasingly irate. However, he laughed off her offer and marched off in a scornful manner after hearing it. Because she had no other option, she drove home alone without him.

Her boyfriend put the blame for their inability to return to the restaurant squarely on her shoulders, citing the dine-and-dash episode as the justification. As she struggled to make sense of her situation and began to second-guess her behaviour, she sought the guidance of the online community.

She explained that she had already bought him a present, even though she had to tap into her money to do so. As a consequence, many individuals questioned her decision not to treat her boyfriend on his birthday. In response, she stated that she had already bought him a present. In an effort to further complicate the situation, she emphasised the fact that it was her partner who had initially suggested going out for supper.

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