It would appear that the well-known and much-loved fast food giant, McDonald’s, has become an unwitting victim of the consequences of growing inflation and increased living costs as the world struggles to deal with the effects of these economic developments. A user by the name of Christopher Olive recently took to the site of TikTok in order to voice his amazement and dismay at the skyrocketing pricing of his go-to order from McDonald’s.

Christopher, who goes by the pseudonym Topher, displayed his typical buy from McDonald’s in a video that was released the previous year. In the video, he showed off a Smoky Double Quarter Pounder BLT sandwich, large fries, and a Sprite. Topher is currently experiencing a great deal of annoyance because what was formerly a dinner with a price that was affordable.

When he looked at the bill, he was hit with the harsh truth of the situation: the meal that was previously within his budget suddenly came with a hefty price tag of $16.10. In the video, Topher expresses his shock at the ever-increasing price while understanding the impact of external issues such as a lack of available labor, rising wages, and a variety of other problematic aspects of the economy. He bemoaned the fact that a hamburger, huge order of fries, and a beverage cost sixteen dollars. It defies logic and reason.”

The TikTok video immediately gathered traction, accumulating close to 180,000 views, and creating a flurry of comments from viewers who shared a variety of different points of view on the subject matter. A number of people agreed with Topher and expressed shock at what appeared to be an unreasonable price for a lunch from a fast food restaurant.

Others, on the other hand, were quick to point out the larger economic context, highlighting that growing costs affect the entire supply chain and invariably lead to higher prices for consumers. They said this in response to the fact that others were quick to point out the larger economic context. One individual commented, “It’s officially not convenient or affordable anymore, might as well go to the store and buy hamburger meat.”

Topher participated in the conversation with his audience and acknowledged the effect that rising prices have had on his own eating habits. He revealed that he now cooks ninety percent of his meals at home, showing the way in which the shifting economic landscape has changed consumer behavior.

As the discussion progressed, a number of commenters claimed that Topher’s decision to order one of the most costly things on the menu was a contributing factor in the total bill’s high amount. Others provided helpful suggestions, such as downloading the McDonald’s app to have access to special discounts and offers that can lower your overall bill.

The TikTok film functioned as a microcosm of the ongoing economic issues faced by consumers. It illustrated how choices that are made on a daily basis, even those as simple as selecting a meal from a fast-food restaurant, may be profoundly impacted by bigger economic trends. People like Topher are forced to navigate a new reality in which even a visit to McDonald’s may no longer be as affordable as it used to be because the cost of living continues to climb.