A woman shared her unexpected path of unplanned motherhood, co-parenting problems, and the ongoing challenge of dealing with her children’s racist grandma on the internet community known as Reddit. The story began with a revelation of a one-night stand that took place when the protagonist was 27 years old. The encounter resulted in the birth of twin daughters and an odd arrangement for co-parenting with a man named Robert.

From the very beginning, Robert’s mother displayed a hostile attitude toward the other woman’s mother. After the birth of the twins, the grandmother insisted on paternity tests and made racial comments about the young mother. There was no indication that the grandmother was pleased with the birth of the children. This first interaction served as a foreshadowing of the difficulties that the children will face in the future.

As the process of shared parenting progressed, Robert’s work obligations and his long commute home meant that he could only spend time with the children during the school breaks and the summers. During these trips, the twins paid their grandmother a visit and spent time with her. However, when the twins turned five, Robert and his mother got into an argument, which exposed a toxic environment that had been created by racist and insulting words directed against the grandchildren.

In spite of the fact that Robert’s connection with his mother was strained, the woman and her family were supportive during the aftermath, and they invited Robert to spend the holidays with them. When Robert received the devastating news that he had a terminal illness, tragedy struck. In light of the fact that he had a finite amount of time, he relocated closer to his girls, pursued joint custody of his children, and eventually moved in with their mother.

Due to the fact that Robert’s sickness was terminal, the woman consented to let the twins spend time with their grandmother, but only under one tight condition: the grandmother was not permitted to enter the woman’s house at any moment. Robert was respectful of this limit and never brought his mother into the room. After Robert had passed away, the grieving mother was startled to hear her mother’s voice at the door. The grandmother begged to see her grandchildren and asked to see them immediately.

A emotional moment occurred when the woman firmly refused, citing the girls’ connection to Robert alone as the reason why she would not assist any interaction with the grandmother. She also emphasized that she would not facilitate any relationship with any other relative. The woman’s relatives and even several of the people who posted comments online indicated that she was being too harsh, but she persisted in her stance, citing the racist treatment that she and her girls had been subjected to.

It was generally agreed upon among the readers that giving the grandma access to the twins could put them in a vulnerable emotional and psychological state if they were exposed to it. Many others agreed with the woman’s decision and said that once the girls reached the age of majority, they should be able to make their own choice regarding whether or not to maintain a relationship with their grandma. Up until that point, the common opinion held that the grandmother had “reaped what she sowed.”