When Joe realized what had happened, his cheeks flushed red with shame. With an uneasy laugh, he apologized to the phone company man.

Joe scratched his head, “Ah, well, I guess I got a bit ahead of myself there.” “I believed you to be a possible customer. Nevertheless, thank you for coming to arrange the phone call. I think I got carried away with the thought of a huge case, because business has been a little slow.”

The phone company man understood the confusion and grinned. “Not at all a problem. While I’m at work, I witness a wide range of responses. I don’t get confused for a well-known client very often.”

Joe laughed to himself at how impatient he had been when the man hooked up the phone. He made the decision to use the chance to speak with the phone company representative.

“So, have you ever had any interesting encounters while setting up phones?” In an attempt to lighten the mood, Joe asked.

Joe found himself enjoying the talk as the man told him a few humorous stories from his work. Joe assured the man he wouldn’t mistake him for a client again and thanked him for his service after the phone was set up.

Joe thought on the value of humility and refraining from making snap judgments as the man was leaving the office. Even though he might not have won over a new client that day, he nevertheless gained important insight about treating everyone with respect, regardless of their social standing.