In an astounding reveal that had beer lovers spitting their beverages (preferably not Bud Light), the well-known beverage firm proudly introduced Colin Kaepernick as their newest brand ambassador. In an unexpected turn of events that had many scratching their heads, Kaepernick made a firm promise to avoid shampoo endorsements in his opening remarks.

At a posh press conference in a local bar, Bud Light CEO Bubbles McFroth took centre stage (because, really, where else does one announce a beer ambassadorship?).

“Ladies and gentlemen, we looked for someone who embodied our brand,” he said, making a theatrical gesture towards a Bud Light can. Someone bold and unexpected. Furthermore, Colin Kaepernick is the greatest, I assure you.”

Whispers filled the room filled with reporters, influencers, and a few confused bar guests. Was this the same Colin Kaepernick who made headlines recently due to his prospective return to the NFL and his activism? Sharp-dressed and oddly wearing the same blue suit as Bud Light, Kaepernick approached the microphone.

“I express my gratitude to Bud Light for this amazing chance,” he started, taking a sip of the beverage first. “And just to clear the air, I have decided not to pursue endorsement deals for shampoos. I’m more interested in football and beer than long, lush hair.”

The audience laughed at the statement, which was a clever allusion to previous scandals involving other corporations. It appeared that Kaepernick was adding some humour to the situation in addition to accepting his new job.

The internet erupted in creativity, as is to be anticipated from anything pertaining to Kaepernick. Social media was overflowing with memes, one of which replaced Colin Kaepernick’s famous afro with foamy beer bubbles. Another showed him kneeling, but this time it was in a bar, making a toast rather than on a football field.

“Kaepernick for Bud Light?,” tweeted @HopsAndDreams on Twitter. I suppose I’ll be moving to mixed drinks.” “Finally, a brand ambassador I can drink to!” exclaimed @BeerMeNow in the meantime.

Seeing their chance, Bud Light quickly introduced Kaepernick in a new commercial. Nationwide billboards featuring Kaepernick holding a Bud Light and the phrase “Take a Stand (or a Knee) for Beer” were shown. There was mixed reactions to the campaign, which was a lighthearted reference to Kaepernick’s activism.

Never one to back down from a fight, the NFL issued a statement about Kaepernick’s new position.

“While we support all our players’ endeavours, we hope Kaepernick remembers the difference between a touchdown and a beer chug.” With a lighthearted tweet in response, Kaepernick said, “Don’t worry, NFL. I have a lot of experience with both.

The choice made by Bud Light to name Colin Kaepernick as their brand ambassador illustrates how brand alliances are always changing. Even though the combination might seem as strange as beer and cereal, it serves as a reminder that anything is possible in the modern world.