There exist kitchen devices you never knew you needed, the unsung heroes of convenience and culinary magic. From avocado slicers to food smokers, these are some of the most exciting kitchen gadgets on the market.

While a knife can do many things, cooks and sous chefs would greatly appreciate cutting devices explicitly made for particular food. Through time, inventions have gotten weirder yet more appealing, and these eight kitchen devices are some of them.

Device 1

Butter is a versatile ingredient in any household, whether cooked or not. It may be added to scrambled eggs, steak, cake, cookies, and more. Butter is often cut with a knife, but what if there is something specifically made for it?
Answer: A butter curler. Besides having a consistent portion, depending on the thickness of each scoop, a butter curler elevates the presentation of dishes that require having visible butter on top. These meals include pancakes, baked potatoes, toast, and many more. Using a butter curler also helps soften butter faster.

Besides butter, the butter curler can be used for cheese, chocolates, and other food that permit the same scooping. Undoubtedly, it is a multi-functional tool that will benefit any kitchen.

Device 2

Strawberries are relatively easy to consume, but some parts of the fruit may be wasted when removing the stem. Fortunately, there has been an invention that helps solve this problem significantly — a stem gem or strawberry huller.
Answer: A stem remover is designed to do one particular task exceptionally well: remove pesky cores and stems from fruits or vegetables. With this tool, removing stems becomes simple.
Device 3

Avocados are among the challenging fruits to prepare perfectly — from peeling the skin to getting the seed out. With the precision of a cutting device explicitly created for this, preparing avocados can be much easier and faster.
Answer: It’s an avocado slicer with sharp blades that precisely cut through an open avocado, effortlessly slicing through the fruit to get perfectly even parts. It is undoubtedly a device that can bring avocado toast ease and perfection.

To use an avocado slicer, cut the avocado lengthwise around the seed to separate it into two. Once sliced, twist the two sides in different directions and remove the pit. Scoop each side of the avocado and enjoy the fruit using the avocado slicer.
Device 4

Bite-sized and delicious are just some of the words to describe cherries. But with a pit that can ruin the experience, people may avoid the delightful fruit. Fortunately, there exists a device that can take away pits. Sarah Jampel shared her account using this device:
Answer: A cherry pitter is perfect for snacking on cherries with a satisfying click that plucks the stem from the cherry’s very core. Although underrated, those who have cherry pitters have nothing but praise for the invention.
Device 5

With today’s busy demands, people only have a little time to do anything else, especially cook over an open flame. However, one device can still make simple, easy-to-prepare meals taste like heaven.
Answer: The kitchen’s magic tool is a food smoker that can give any dish aromatic smoke-like flavors. It is a tool perfect for people on the go or without access to open flame. Suddenly, a backyard barbecue session is within reach from the comfort of your indoors.

Device 6

At first glance, this multi-pronged tool looks like nothing that belongs in a kitchen. However, bakers and dessert lovers know this must-have took as the saving grace of cutting cake.
Answer: It’s a cake cutter best used for spongy cakes as it glides through the dish and slices into controllable serving sizes. Unlike a regular knife, a cake cutter does not compress the dessert under the pressure a knife would.

Device 7

Herbs are a staple in any kitchen and add flavor to many dishes. While some are already dried and packaged, fresh herbs require stripping off the stem. While it can be tedious and time-consuming, removing the stem is always necessary.

Answer: A herb stripper was created to solve this problem. The device can effortlessly separate the stems and leaves with only a few strokes.

Device 8

Bananas are eaten in several ways, but those who enjoy them decorated or as toppings often chop them into small circles or have them cut up in different ways.
Answer: It is a banana slicer that does precisely this. Slicing a banana evenly, quickly, and without needing a countertop is possible within seconds.

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