A blonde was leaving work and facing the weather in the middle of an unrelenting blizzard. With almost little visibility due to the heavy snowstorm, the young woman faced an extremely difficult time finding her way home. She headed to her car, thinking about how she would get through the storm safely, determined to make it through the dangerous conditions.

The blonde sat in her car, thinking about her situation and remembering something her father had told her once. He’d told her that if there was a blizzard, she should wait for a snow plough to go by and then follow it to stay out of the drifts. In the middle of the bitter storm, this insight offered a ray of hope.

A plan began to take shape in her head while she waited for her car to warm up. She chose to follow her father’s advise after recalling his remarks. A moment later, a snow plough emerged from the dazzling snow, and the blonde immediately started to follow it.

The young woman was getting more and more self-assurance by the second as she followed the snow plough and handled the treacherous storm conditions with ease. Her choice was clearly paying off, and she was impressed with her own astuteness in following her father’s advice.

When a good while had gone by, something unexpected happened. The driver got out of the snow plough and it came to a sudden stop. He motioned for the blonde to roll down her window as he walked back to her car. Perplexed yet unfazed, she obliged.

Taking notice of her long-term follower, the snow plough driver asked if she was okay, inquisitive about the circumstances. She proudly explained why, in a blizzard, her father had advised her to accompany a snow plough. The driver informed her that she could follow if she so desired, finding the situation amusing. But he clarified that he was moving on to the K-mart parking lot after concluding with the Walmart parking lot.

The blonde followed the snow plough, amused by the confusion and the accidental caravan that had formed through the blizzard. Now, she had a humorous story to tell about her unexpected winter journey.