On Reddit’s “Pro Revenge” group in November 2018, an anonymous woman revealed the turbulent history of her relationship with her fiancé, DN, in a heartbreaking story. Before they eventually professed their love to each other, DN was the woman’s high school crush for seven years, therefore the story begins with a tale of intense affection and long-held affections.

As their romance developed, they became engaged and made plans to start a family. The terrible turn of events, though, was when the lady told DN she was pregnant and then found out he had cheated on her with someone else. She decided not to disclose her pregnancy after being betrayed and left feeling devastated, and she eventually miscarried.

She was astonished by DN’s cold-blooded actions during the traumatic process of packing her possessions from their shared residence. He seemed to have moved on without realising the emotional damage he had caused, erasing their relationship and introducing the other woman as if their engagement had never occurred..

The woman suffered silently for two agonising weeks due to DN’s callous behaviour; she covered up her suffering to prevent being called a “crazy ex.” She came up with a scheme to sabotage DN’s developing relationship with the other woman as her ultimate act of retaliation.

During a party at DN’s place, the woman made use of her bisexuality by spending time alone with the other women. She openly discussed her past with DN in a private chat, alerting the other lady to the possibility of his treachery. The second woman was overcome with regret and guilt after learning the truth.

DN was clearly horrified when the woman minimised the importance of the other woman when DN confronted her about their contact. The narrative appeared to conclude with the woman getting her retribution and diminishing DN’s significance to the same extent that he had diminished hers.

Nevertheless, during the following five years, karma took an unexpected turn. In 2005, DN made contact with the woman and conveyed his wish to reconnect. He described to her the terrible sequence of events that had destroyed his life following her departure. He lost his job, his truck broke down, his family disowned him, and he became homeless as a result of the other woman cheating on him with his closest buddy.

The woman disclosed a long-kept secret about the child they could have had together in an unexpected turn of events. A “full-on ugly cry” ensued as DN wept hysterically and apologised repeatedly for his previous deeds. The woman shared her better news of marriage and pregnancy with him, and even though he had caused her sorrow, she forgave him.

The woman’s moving statement was the last line of the Reddit post: “5 years after he crushed my heart, he cried enough to fill a bottle with his tears…”