Rosa’s attempt to use a sleep-tracking software to track her snoring took a terrible turn in an odd and unsettling series of events. The TikTok user recorded some ominous remarks and vile threats at night and shared her experience with millions of users on the network. Following the startling disclosure, many on social media began to wonder what was going on and how Rosa would react.

Initially, Rosa thought that the whispers were coming from a ghost or other supernatural being, so she installed a motion-activated camera in her chamber to record any strange activity. But watching the video again made her fearful—she saw her boyfriend’s mother creeping into her room and muttering obscenities over her as she slept.

Rosa was first hesitant to address the matter because of the complicated living arrangements, which included her boyfriend’s mother and kids sharing a single room. The elderly woman had no place to go after being released from prison. Rosa decided to keep the discovery to herself despite the obvious danger to her safety, citing worries about possible disputes at home.

But TikTokers expressed their concern, asking Rosa to treat the situation seriously and think about calling the police with the evidence she had collected. Many were disturbed by the situation’s disturbing character, especially in light of the threats and disparaging remarks Rosa’s boyfriend’s mother had made about her.

Online users’ responses to Rosa’s apparent indifference ranged from disbelief to worry for her safety. Some even expressed displeasure. The comments were replete with demands that Rosa take legal action and cut off contact with her boyfriend and his family, underscoring the importance of Rosa putting her health first.

Rosa shared a funny video about her boyfriend’s mother and the odd conduct that was caught on the hidden camera as a coping mechanism for her anxiety. Rosa informed viewers that she took someone’s suggestion seriously, avoiding food made by her boyfriend’s mother out of fear, even if her apparent lighthearted manner aroused eyebrows.

Online users expressed a range of emotions, including empathy, worry, and annoyance, highlighting Rosa’s precarious circumstances and the imperative that she put her safety first.