It’s safe to say that Pavin Smith is every parent’s ideal kid. As a young man of 21, he accomplished something remarkable for his devoted parents.

He footed the bill for the whole house, and they may relax knowing they will never need to stress about making a mortgage payment again.

Despite his youth, Pavin accomplished this by signing with the MLB’s Arizona Diamondbacks as the sixth overall choice in the draft.

Credits: Pavin Smith / Instagram

According to MLB Pipeline, the 21-year-old first baseman and right fielder received a massive $5 million bonus after signing.

However, instead of spending recklessly, the young guy reorganized his priorities. One of his priorities was to clear off his parent’s mortgage.

When Pavin was younger, he frequently heard his mother, Pam, moan about the mortgage and that she and his father had to work hard to pay off the family home.

Pavin felt the strain and anxiety that came with making that monthly payment.

Credits: Pavin Smith / Instagram

On Christmas Eve of that year (2017), he finally had the chance to tell everyone about his enormous surprise. The only thing Pavin did was give over a letter to his parents that explained why he was giving them the money.

The son expressed gratitude to his parents for providing a warm and loving environment throughout his upbringing. “I want our family home to be yours because of all the sacrifices you made to help me reach where I am.”

It’s a good thing that the entire thing was caught on film. As you may imagine, times like these are among my favorites. A fantastic gesture from a grateful kid.

University of Virginia baseball coach Brian O’Connor said of Smith, “I simply think it takes an extraordinary degree of maturity for a 21-year-old, but that doesn’t surprise me. That’s the way he’s always done things.”

He just got raised that way, and that sums up the principles he holds dear. If Pavin’s kind present to his parents touched your heart, please consider sharing this article on Facebook.