A pet dog may be a man’s best friend, but there are others for whom this bond is even more significant. It’s a given that a dog in the family will be a beloved part of the household. One guy cared deeply for his dog and would do everything to protect their friendship.

One day, an unnamed guy from Roanoke, Virginia, had to make a tough choice. His dog, the Molly, was a housemate. Since he’d been seeing the same lady for four years, he was confident he’d found his soul mate. To get her to move in and live with him, he made the offer. Instead, she gave him a very difficult choice: move in with her or give up his dog.

Those who are kind to animals are very attractive to most of us, and how someone treats an animal reveals a lot about them, including their level of empathy. However, she is not one of the many ladies who would be content to share a home with her partner and his dog.

We may never know why the lady won’t accept the cute beagle as a permanent family member. Perhaps she was envious of the guy and his dog’s close relationship. It’s also possible she didn’t want the responsibility of caring for another person. The female was disproving the guy’s preconceived notions that she was a kind, loving lady.

We may never know how simple or challenging this decision was. It’s possible that the guy slept in the bed at night and deliberated about his strategy for hours. When he decided to use comedy, it was clear he did. The guy looked out for solutions to his issues online. To find a new home for the creature that was giving him so much difficulty, he put up an ad on Craigslist. All the parts of his essay are excellent:

“Molly, my beagle, and my girlfriend have had a rocky relationship. Thus, it is up to me to find her a new residence. I’ve had her for four years, and she’s a purebred from an affluent region. She’s a gamer at heart and lacks all qualifications. Since she has long hair, she needs regular care, particularly for her nails, which she enjoys receiving.”


“She speaks and talks the whole night while I’m at work. Consumes nothing but the finest, most expensive cuisine. Won’t cheer you up when you’re depressed or welcome you home when you get home from a hard day’s work. She doesn’t bite, but she sure can dish it out!”

“Do you want to hear more about my 30-year-long relationship with my selfish, nasty, gold-digging girlfriend? The rescue team, please bring her in! My dog and I both think it’s best if she finds a new place to call home.”

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This is the best response possible when dealing with a very challenging issue. In addition to maintaining his bond with his dog, this guy avoided years of conflict with someone who did not share his core beliefs.

What chance did they have of agreeing on more essential topics if she couldn’t even agree to cohabit with the dog that he had had for several years? This guy made the right decision, and he did it in a very remarkable manner. Seeing the post for herself, the ex-girlfriend had to feel terrible about herself.

Maybe karma or divine punishment exists. When we behave in a self-centred manner, we bring that energy back to ourselves. After she threatened to leave if he didn’t get rid of his dog, he did everything he could to make her get out of his life. Don’t become too greedy with your wishes.