The husband, at 85, is ten years older than his wife’s grandpa, but the pair are still planning to conceive a family together despite the significant age difference. Starkville, Mississippi native Miracle Pogue, 24, and her future husband Charles Pogue, 85, became fast friends at a laundromat in 2019.

The couple, who have a 61-year age difference, is considering IVF to create a family so that Charles, who has no children, may help pave the way for the next generation.


In February 2020, after dating for a year, retired real estate agent Charles decided to pop the question to the nurse he had fallen in love with.

Even while Miracle’s mom, 45-year-old Tamika Phillips, and grandpa, 72-year-old Joe Brown, were on board with the connection from the start because they saw how happy it made Miracle, her dad, 47-year-old Kareem Phillips, took some convincing.

‘Charles would just come in one piece of clothes and only want me to serve him,’ Miracle recalled. A piece of paper with the words “write down your number” written on it was tossed on the floor, and he walked in, acting like a player, one day. He represented the epitome of bravery and protection for me.

It was natural to be with him; he didn’t make me uncomfortable at all. The conversation was pleasant, and he put me at ease. He was much older than me, but I didn’t realise how much older.

It had been a few months since I realized I had developed emotions for him and was over my head. No one was going to take my kid away from me.


In passing, I inquired as to his year of birth, and he informed me that he was born in 1937. We didn’t even bother to guess his age; I had no idea. I like him for who he is, whether 55 or 100.

Because he looked so young, I estimated he was in his 60s or 70s. He never rests; he constantly flits from one activity to another. “My grandfather stated he would be content if I were doing what made me happy. Not at all, my father said vehemently.

It took me a long period, but I convinced him by asking whether he wanted to lose his kid for good. He might have lost me for good without attending my wedding. “I begged him to be my rock and to lead me down the aisle,” I recalled telling him.

He fell in love when he met Charles and began conversing with him. “Miracle has got a lot going for her,” Charles added. She’s fantastic now that she’s gotten her act together.

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“I had the greatest day of my life on my wedding day. We don’t see any issues with the age gap. We don’t care what others say about us online, so we leave them to their own devices. We’ve found a wonderful balance in our relationship. Together, we can’t wait to start a family. Their wedding day in July last year was the “greatest day of her life,” according to Miracle.

Miracle says she wants to create a family with Charles and has high aspirations for having two children, even though she will certainly outlive him. “I want him to have another lifetime,” Miracle remarked.

“We are considering scheduling an appointment at an IVF centre to explore our reproductive choices. We’ve been to an IVF clinic previously, and it was pretty intimidating due to the overpowering sense of prejudgment we got from the staff, even though they don’t even know me.”

Credits: Kennedy News and Media

“I’ll forget about it as soon as they hand me my kid. I’m unsure whether Charles’s age will be a problem if we want to have kids, but I’m willing to consider the possibility. Maybe it won’t do the trick. “Charles is a concern of mine. I cried when he gave me Covid for Thanksgiving. I got myself ready, but he kept getting up and leaving.”

“We make plans, and he warns that he may not be around in five years. He will, I assure him, and he will outlast all of us. Because I expect to outlive him, I try to enjoy life and share as many adventures as possible with him. The best way we know how is to ‘live it up.'”

Miracle alleges that she and her partner have been the target of malicious comments on social media because they are often mistaken for a father and daughter. Miracle said, “Once, we were on a trip to Florida. We were at the auto rental counter when the clerk said, “Oh, is this your dad?” I responded, “Yes, this is my dad; hello, papa, daddy.” Since I am a silly person, I doubt I would ever get angry.


The public doesn’t give a damn; I don’t consider it strange, so I go about my business. Having to interact with strangers online makes me feel uneasy.

People who don’t know or care about me may be brutally honest with me and give me criticism. I posted a picture of my boyfriend online, and the reaction was more than I could have imagined.

“People have been suggesting that Charles doesn’t realise what’s going on, that I’m exploiting him, and that I should be ashamed of myself. The topic of money comes up a lot, but I’m a nurse, so please don’t ask me about it.

When we first met, I had just started medical school. I’m OK either way. Charles is deciding to be with me, which makes me happy.”


“Despite his senior status, people are still coming for me, which is ridiculous. He came to me voluntarily, out of his own free choice. It’s a free nation, so people may say anything they want.”

“There are a lot of people that support Charles and me among my fans. Many people have complimented our appearance, and people tell me I make them comfortable talking about their older males.”

A user on TikTok questioned Miracle’s veracity, demanding proof that she is 24 years old. Someone in the comment section asked, “24?” No way. I require verification, and if you’re 24, I swear I’ll never again make an educated estimate about someone’s age. A third voice chimed up, “42 she meant.”

Miracle retorted that she was born in 1998 but could seem older since she doesn’t go “all out” with her outfits. Loved-up Miracle finds Charles’s easygoing demeanour appealing, but they have a wide generational gap in using technology.


About Charles, Miracle gushed, “I appreciate his advice. I know I can go to him and ask him anything.” He won’t abandon me and will see that I’m safe.

“He’s calm, and he’s so chill. He doesn’t want to quarrel. His tales are fascinating, and I look forward to hearing more. “I like making technological jokes with him.

As an alternative to physically depositing a check, I plan to photograph it and then upload the image to my bank. To this day, Charles still lacks so much as a bank card.

It’s extraordinary how he works, but I like his laid-back style. Having someone you can open up to, and trust is a gift.

I understand that the public’s perception of our connection is one of “what the heck is going on?” but I’m not going to lie. He got me, and I got him.