A man has filed a $2.4 million lawsuit against a lady for ‘mental trauma’ in Singapore after she rejected his proposal to become her boyfriend after four years of acquaintance.

Two cases were brought against Nora Tan Shu Mei by K Kawshigan, director of the drone firm D1 Racing after she rejected him. Kawshigan claimed her rejection harmed his “excellent image” and cost him five business relationships.

The Plaintiff. Credit: AeroLion Technologies Press Release

In her counterclaim, Ms Tan claims she incurred expenses for therapy and home security measures taken in response to Mr Kawshigan’s harassment.

The lady is seeking about $1100 to pay the equipment costs and future counselling after claiming she had to install a digital door cam, an alarm sensor, and a smart video bell to protect herself from the unwelcome suitor.

Channel News Asia cites a ruling from a magistrates court released on January 28 as evidence that Mr Kawshigan filed two lawsuits against Ms Tan after the breakdown of their connection when she made it straight to him that she saw him as only a friend.

The Plaintiff. Credit: AeroLion Technologies Press Release

Although the judges’ court dismissed his case against Ms Tan for $16600 because she had “breached an agreement” to mend their relationship, he eventually filed a new lawsuit.

According to local media, the court ruled it would not help Mr Kawshigan in his ‘planned endeavour to coerce interaction’ with Ms Tan. However, Mr Kawshigan is now suing Ms Tan in the Singapore High Court for 3,000,000 Singapore dollars ($2.4 million USD) for damages he alleges she caused him, including the anguish he felt when she informed him she only regarded him as a friend.

Judgment is expected to be handed down on February 9, according to a listing in the Singapore High Court. They hit it off when they finally crossed paths in 2016 and became fast friends, and both were presumably active participants in the Bugis Junction Rotary Club. Ms Tan, however, claims that the two of them “grew mismatched about how they understood their relationship,” which led to the breakdown of their friendship.

Ms Tan said that she had informed Mr Kawshigan that she saw him just as a friend but that he still thought of her as his “closest friend.” Later, Ms Tan expressed a desire to limit their social connections. In June 2019 and December 2020, Mr Kawshigan, a director at drone racing business D1 Racing, accused Ms Tan of libellous behaviour.

He claims she made slanderous accusations, which other parties overheard. He alleges that Ms Tan complained to him that he was harassing her by, among other things, blocking her path on a doorstep.

According to Mr Kawshigan, she slandered him when she said, “He is needlessly serving court paperwork to me personally, and he has not explored other options accessible to him.”

He said that others in the area could hear what she was saying since she was so close to a microphone in July of that year. According to him, Ms Tan’s activities have ruined his “excellent reputation” and left him with “trauma” and “despondency” during the previous two years. He also alleges that the arguments have cost him five business relationships and that he is having trouble attracting new customers.

As reported by CNA, Ms Tan has refuted several of Mr Kawshigan’s allegations in her countersuit. She claims that tensions and disagreements destroyed their relationship from November 2016 until September 2020.

Singapore. Credit: AFP via Getty Images

When Mr Kawshigan inquired about their connection, she informed him they were only friends and begged for less contact and fewer meetings with him.

She claims she stopped responding to mediation inquiries after that. She claims that Mr Kawshigan showed up at her door in October 2020 and informed her that he had filed legal papers against her.

Ms Tan also claims a lady who introduced herself as Mr Kawshigan’s therapist called her. Ms Tan claims she met with Mr Kawshigan and the lady in collaborative counselling sessions from May 2020 to May 2021.

After being approached by someone claiming to be Mr Kawshigan’s healer in November 2021, she also accepted to participate in collaborative “healing” sessions until May 2022.

When Ms Tan told Mr Kawshigan she no longer wanted to interact with him, he felt ‘compelled to escalate’ and filed a lawsuit in the highest court in the land

. Ms Tan claims that she received emails purporting to be from Mr Kawshigan’s attorneys and was then approached by a journalist regarding a high court case.

Further, she claims that in July of 2022, Mr Kawshigan showed up with a lady in front of her home and would not leave when she asked him to. She claims that he did this to harass her, make her feel uncomfortable, and compel her to talk to him.

Her attorneys, according to CNA, are defending her allegedly defamatory statements using the “fair remark” defence.