It’s safe to assume that most individuals have a particular connection with their grandparents. They are kind and caring and tend to be more lenient with the regulations than our parents.

My grandparents always gave me a hand in the kitchen, gave me free rein over the sweets in the house, and took me on thrilling adventures.

Even if we were only walking in the woods behind her home, my grandmother could make it seem like we were on an exciting pirate adventure with buried treasure around every corner.

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Growing up, I learned no pirates were hiding in the woods or buried riches under the stones behind Grandma and Grandpa’s home. However, the idea that she could transform the commonplace into something spectacular has stayed with me.

If there’s one thing you learn from your grandparents, it’s that you shouldn’t bother them. The outcome is predictable at this point. The 77-year-old Winifred Peel from Wirral, UK, fits that description well.


Winifred, a retired woman, withdrew cash from an ATM one day. She stood there, hand over her pin, and heard footsteps approaching from behind. Two guys had her off-balance before she could do anything about it.

As soon as he did, another guy stepped forward, and one leaned over and attempted to take £200 out of Winifred’s account.

Reacting In Seconds

If Winifred didn’t intervene fast, the guys would steal all the money from her bank account. Winifred, however, had a plan in place in case any of the guys attempted to withdraw money. She took hold of his collar and banged his head into the cash machine as hard as possible.


She hit the man’s skull three times against the machine before the thieves ran away, their tails between their knees. After Winifred called the police, the attackers were caught the same day.

One of the males had a head wound from Winifred’s protective action, which helped the police quickly identify him. Piper Dumitru, Florin Gebelscu, and Felix Stoica are their names. They were all found guilty in court and sentenced to prison.

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The prosecution claims the thieves purposefully traveled to the area for easy prey. According to the British news outlet Metro, Winifred remarked, “They did not care how this would affect me.” “This has irrevocably altered my outlook on life; I will never again possess the self-assurance I once possessed.”

The thieves underestimated Winifred’s tenacity since she had grown up with three boys and went to the gym four times a week. Thank you Granny for keeping the streets safe!