According to reports, tensions between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have arisen after the backlash to their Netflix documentary series and his explosive book, Spare.

After a rough few weeks, which culminated in the couple being savagely roasted with an unflattering representation on a recent episode of South Park, “California sources” informed The Spectator that the typically loved-up pair are at odds with one another.

In the episode, Harry’s book is titled Waaaagh, and Meghan is called a “sorority girl, actor, influencer, victim” as they go on a “Worldwide Privacy Tour” of interviews.


The Spectator claims the pair is “taking it out on one other” and that Meghan is “annoyed” but “refuses to see it all” because of the incident.

As the publication notes, the timing of her anger is miserable since she is gearing up for a judicial confrontation with her half-sister.

After Harry and Meghan’s tell-all interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021, Samantha Markle filed a defamation lawsuit. The Duchess is reportedly “obsessed” with the case at the moment, as reported by The Spectator.

Meghan feels “excluded” from her father-in-law King’s coronation arrangements, and she was “embarrassed” by the worldwide headlines and harsh response to Harry’s biography, published last month.


Many UK sources have reported that the pair are invited, although it has not yet been verified whether or not they will get an invitation.

But, it is unclear whether the California-based royals would elect to attend because of the deteriorating connection between Harry’s family and theirs.

Before agreeing to come to the UK, the Duke of Sussex allegedly requested a meeting with his father and dear brother to clear the air, but his request was rebuffed.

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After the publication of his explosive book, in which he spared no details in documenting his battles with Charles and William, Harry is also said to have avoided any personal contact with them.

If Harry and Meghan decide to show up for the May 6 coronation, they will most likely sit in the gallery with the other non-working royals and have no official duties. They also probably won’t appear on Buckingham Palace’s balcony.