Many have speculated that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry may skip the coronation because they are “overwhelmed” by the unwanted attention they have gotten due to their tell-alls. King Charles III, Harry’s father, and Camilla, the queen consort, will be crowned on May 6 at Westminster Abbey in London.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s attendance are yet unknown. ‘To Di For every day’ podcast presenter Kinsey Schofield said on Fox News Digital, ‘Meghan is unhappy and stressed.


She said that Meghan “feels excluded with the planning” was a lie. “The palace, in Meghan’s opinion, is simply pushing for Prince Harry to come there, and they could care less whether she shows up or not. It bothers her so that you can imagine her dismay. Meghan has a deep-seated fear of rejection. She’d rather not be booed or embarrassed worldwide, but she also knows that her brand in the United States benefits from her association with the royal family.”

With the release of the six-part Netflix docuseries “Harry & Meghan” and Harry’s explosive book “Spare,” the former American actress and her husband came under tremendous public scrutiny. In an interview with ITV’s Tom Bradby back in January, Harry dodged whether he would attend his father’s coronation.

A lot of things, the 38-year-old stated, are possible between now and then. “Yet, the option to enter remains open. Now it’s up to them to make a move… There’s much to discuss, so I hope they’re both willing to converse.”


Schofield said that, according to rumors, Harry is hoping to “arrange a meeting” with the king, 74, and the Prince William so that he doesn’t “feel iced out during the occasion.” On the other hand, it is speculated that palace personnel informed Harry that “the king is too busy.” Harry will likely feel alone if he goes, said Schofield.

Numerous royal analysts have hypothesized that the couple’s dramatic decline in popularity in the United Kingdom may cause them to rethink their intentions to attend Charles’s wedding.

According to “The King” author Christopher Andersen’s interview with Fox News Digital, “it’s gradually starting to appear as though Harry and Meghan may likely opt out of the coronation.” “Sure, there are legitimate safety worries, and there’s also the possibility that the Sussexes may get a rousing ovation from the crowd. Harry and Megan are still bitter at being ignored during the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II [in September]. Especially on [their son] Archie’s birthday, I doubt that they would be ready to risk that kind of public humiliation again.”


Harry’s caustic comments on his brother in “Spare” contributed to “the fissure becoming seismic,” Andersen said. Harry and Meghan have no reason to believe that Prince William and his spouse, Kate Middleton, would welcome them with wide arms or treat them with anything other than cold contempt at this time. Andersen doesn’t think the former “Suits” actress will remain in California after she was reportedly pushed aside.

“In such case, would Harry go by himself? It is hardly probable, considering that it is also Archie’s birthday, and Harry and Meghan must present a unified front. “He made the observation that. Anything less than that, and people would start wondering whether Harry has second thoughts about abandoning the royal family.

On the other hand, Schofield is laying her bets on Harry being at the coronation alone while the duchess remains home with their two young children – away from the British press. In other words, “Harry could execute a speedy turnaround for the coronation alone,” as Schofield put it. “In the Netflix documentary, he admitted to missing certain parts of royal life, and I think traditions are one of those parts. Being a former soldier, duty is also essential to him, and he feels obligated to be present as the sovereign’s son.”


Schofield said he was confident enough to go to Prince Philip’s first burial ceremony by himself. “In ‘Spare,’ Harry says that his brother Prince William and their father tried to inquire him about his controversial interview with Oprah Winfrey in 2021. Harry seemed to reject “Willy’s” overtures of affection although he was pleading with him.”

According to recent reports from reliable sources cited by The Daily Telegraph, this is a tricky position. They will be told of “snubbing” the royal family if the pair decides to skip the event. Yet the Sussexes may “be booed or called hypocrites” if they show there. The publication also said that the Sussexes’ friends claimed the pair would wait to decide whether or not to attend the coronation until they received an official invitation. If they do show up, it will be a “brief” visit at most.


They are being welcomed and encouraged to answer quickly,” royal expert Hilary Fordwich told Fox News Digital. “Every participant who shows up is expected to “keep to the plan.” It’s polite to do so and serves practical objectives in advance.”

As that day is also Archie’s fourth birthday, Fordwich said, “Meghan has the ideal exit.” “Harry may be rushed and flustered, and a refusal will make them seem petty. If they do, their statements will be called into doubt and accused of hypocrisy. Worse, neither the monarch nor the royals nor security will be able to prevent the populace of Britain from expressing their disapproval if one of them shows there.”

Fordwich agreed, saying, “It’s a lose-lose position for them.” There is no way that Meghan and Harry intended to become a punchline. While discussing his want for “a family, not an institution,” Harry told Bradby that he misses having his father and brother back in his life. Since leaving the United Kingdom, he has grown apart from his father and older brother, as he has previously discussed.


To escape what they called the “unbearable intrusions” and “racist attitudes” of the renowned British media, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex announced their plans to leave royal responsibilities and relocate to North America in early 2020. They moved to Montecito, California, with their young children.

With Queen Elizabeth II’s death in September, Charles became king and is now tasked with ensuring the longevity of Britain’s monarchy, which dates back 1,000 years. He has previously stated his intent to lower the expense of the monarchy and the number of working royals.