Delaney Krings, who passed away on her fifth birthday despite her deadly disease, inspired millions of people across the globe to send her birthday cards last year.

In October 2022, Delaney, a little girl from Pewaukee, Wisconsin, was given six to eight weeks to live after being diagnosed with Diffuse Midline Glioma (DMG), an inoperable juvenile brain tumor.

Heather Krings, Delaney’s mother, revealed her daughter’s passing on Saturday, January 28, twelve weeks after the first diagnosis. She sadly stated, “Our precious angel baby has gotten her wings.”

She expressed gratitude for the recent outpouring of support her family has received and encouraged folks to “pay some kindness forward” in her daughter’s honor. Millions of people from all around the earth sent birthday cards to Delaney to celebrate her turning five, and one municipality even held a parade in her honor.

Delaney becomes unwell because of a persistent ear infection. A CT scan at the pediatrician’s office revealed that she had a tumor that extended from both sides of her brain to her brain stem. Delaney’s parents, who learned of her DMG diagnosis on October 31, 2022, decided to concentrate on her fifth birthday celebration on December 16.

Once a buddy proposed a card drive, people all around the country started sending birthday cards to Delaney. After reading the heartwarming tale, millions of people from all around the globe decided to send birthday cards to Delaney in December.

“I’m just glad she gets to celebrate her birthday,” Father Jack Krings told TMJ4 News in Milwaukee. “From the bottom of our hearts, we appreciate everything, and there’s no way to thank everyone.”

Heather’s article on CaringBridge prompted hundreds more people to respond with encouraging words and personal stories. Heather Krings updated the family’s CaringBridge website with new information on Monday, 12 weeks after her daughter’s diagnosis.

“No matter how hard I try to hold it together, I have more and more times of uncontrollable crying, wrath at the world, and utter helplessness.”

“We’re doing our best to ensure she’s as relaxed and pain-free as possible. Medications, round-the-clock monitoring, keeping her warm and swaddled in fresh butt wrappings and the fluffiest blankets and pillows you can find”.

We make sure she sees our faces and hears us quietly reminding her how much she is loved every time she opens her eyes, which is becoming fewer and farther between. She sometimes indicates what she wants by pointing, waving, or snapping at us.

“She doesn’t deserve this,” she continued. “She has been a joy from birth, a delight as a toddler, and a loving, active, curious young girl. She has made a significant difference in many people’s lives and given so much joy to the world.”

“It breaks my heart to see her die in a body that cannot support the brightness of her spirit. We may take comfort in the knowledge that she is as comfortable as possible and surrounded by love and warmth despite the evil that is taking her away from us. Embrace your folks, love your people, the message concluded. There are no guarantees for the future.”