The journey we call life is replete with timeless lessons, some of which also have the capacity to make us laugh out loud.Do you know that feeling when you’re ready to complete an online purchase and the cost of shipping causes you to second-guess everything else you’re about to buy? These are the kinds of facts that we are going to be discussing.

The clock starts ticking at midnight on birthdays.When you finally get out of bed in the morning, it will have been your birthday for somewhere in the neighborhood of eight or so hours already.The number of likes and messages wishing the user a happy birthday has already exploded. It is possible for it to be quite thrilling.

People have varied opinions towards cats and dogs.

The breed of a dog is the standard way to refer to that dog. There are probably dozens of distinct dog breeds that you can name off. On the other hand, there is no such thing as a different kind of cat.

We’ve all seen it. A young child who, while running around, watches an adult doing something amusing and then imitates the behavior of the adult exactly.The young child seen in this image saw as her father accidentally hit his thumb rather than the nail, and as a result, she is aware of the appropriate facial expression to convey extreme agony.