After experiencing what was at first thought to be an adverse response to gel manicure treatments, Lisa Dewey, a mother of two from Northamptonshire, went through a harrowing struggle when she lost the use of her hands. Up until February, Lisa had been going to get regular gel manicures without any problems. However, in February, she began to notice that her fingers were becoming sore and that her nails were beginning to fall out.
When one of her fingers went purple, it caused her concern that it might break off, which brought about a turn for the worst in the situation. Lisa was found to have a bacterial infection after going to the doctor, and she was given a prescription for antibiotics as well as steroid cream. However, after receiving yet another manicure, her condition deteriorated, which resulted in unbearable discomfort and drastically restricted the range of motion in her hand.

Lisa’s symptoms led her to the conclusion that the gel manicures she got might be the source of her troubles.
She came to the conclusion that she might be allergic to a component of the gel nail paint, which is consistent with the current demands from dermatologists for extra caution when it comes to treatments of this kind. The British Association of Dermatologists has issued a warning regarding the potential for allergic responses to be caused by acrylic and gel nails. The association attributes these reactions to the use of do-it-yourself gel polish kits as well as manicurists who lack proper training.

If the UV lamps that are used to harden the gel are not used for a sufficient amount of time, methacrylates, which are compounds that are included in gel nail polish, can leak into the skin and cause irritation. This can cause rashes on the skin, detachment of the nails, and in more severe cases, difficulty breathing. People who are impacted by these reactions may have long-lasting sensitivity to certain compounds. This can have substantial implications for future surgical procedures and exposure to substances that are similar to those that caused the reactions.
Because of this, Lisa’s hands and nails are in continual agony, which makes it difficult for her to perform routine duties. She has made the decision to abstain from using nail products indefinitely and is resolute in her mission to educate people about the dangers linked with gel manicures. Despite the toll it has taken on her self-assurance, Lisa is determined to spread awareness of the potential risks in the hopes of preventing others from having to go through what she has.

When using gel nail products, it is essential to exercise extreme caution, as well as to ensure that one has received the appropriate training and to strictly stick to the recommended curing durations.