A farmer has 200 hens but no rooster, and he is looking for chicks to add to his flock. Therefore, he continues down the road until he reaches the next farmer and inquires from him about the possibility of purchasing a rooster from him.
The second farmer responds, “Yeah, I’ve got this fantastic rooster, and his name is Randy. He’ll take care of each and every chicken you own without a hitch.

Well, Randy Although he is expensive, the farmer believes that investing in the rooster will be worthwhile in the long run. So he decides to buy Randy.

The farmer brings Randy home and encourages the rooster by first placing him in the barnyard where he may get some fresh air. “Randy, I want you to take it easy for the time being. You have a lot of hens to take care of here, and I have to pay you a lot of money because of that. As a result, I’m going to rely on you to perform admirably. “Therefore, don’t rush things, and make sure to enjoy yourself,” the farmer said with a chuckle.

Randy appeared to comprehend, and when the farmer aimed his finger in the direction of the henhouse, Randy took off like a bullet. WHAM! Each and every hen in the henhouse is nailed by Randy a total of three or four times. The farmer cannot believe his eyes.

After some time, the farmer notices that the duck pen is making a disturbance, and sure enough, Randy can be found inside.

Still much later, the farmer comes into Randy chasing after a gaggle of geese down by the lake. WHAM! – here we go again! He gets all the geese.

When the sun begins to drop, you can find Randy running through the fields after pheasants and quail.

The farmer is in anguish because he is concerned that his pricey rooster won’t even make it through the first day.
The farmer goes to bed, and when he wakes up the next morning, he discovers Randy lying in the centre of the yard, lifeless and unmoving. There are buzzards flying around in the sky.

The farmer shook his head and said to Randy, “Oh, Randy, I told you to pace yourself. I’m sorry we lost such a colourful and expensive animal.” The farmer was upset by the death of the animal. I tried to convince you to take it easy, but look what you’ve done to yourself in the meantime!

Randy cracks open one eye, gestures towards the buzzards that are flying about in the sky, and whispers, “Shhh.” They are coming up on us faster.”

What a cheeky little prankster!