I am weary of being poor, so I am going to work abroad, a man said to his wife.He was amazed when he arrived at his home and saw how rich and opulent everything was.
He then packed everything and traveled to Africa. A few years later, he returned.

The servant arrived to open the door after he knocked.
Is the housewife in? he inquired.
Just a moment, the maid promptly replied.
When the wife entered, she was completely transformed, saying, “Well, well, my man.. dressed up like a million bucks. after so many years.
Husband: Honey, I am finally wealthy!
Spouse: How?
Husband: I went to Africa and witnessed people sleeping on the sand and going barefoot, so I made and sold mattresses and underpants to address those issues.
The level of demand was so high that I rapidly became wealthy.

The wife responded: Here I am, a petite lady who stayed at home without her own pair of underwear and only one bed, while a guy of your power had to go to Africa and make beds and underwear in order to become wealthy. What is this? I am suddenly obscenely wealthy.