The process of God making mankind was almost over. He had accomplished a lot and was feeling very pleased with himself, but there were still two pieces missing.

He was at a loss as to how to divide them between Adam and Eve, so he figured he might as well ask them what they felt would be fair.

“I have two things for you, but you will have to decide who gets what. I will give you both.” The ability to urinate while standing is the first requirement…

Adam halted the conversation by saying, “Oh, please give that to me! I wish I had the ability to be able to do that! It seems like the kind of thing a man ought to have in his possession. Please! Pleeease! Please hand it on to me.

He continued talking in a hyperactive manner, jumping up and down like a young child.

Eve merely smiled and replied to God that he should give it to Adam if he sincerely desired it as much as he did.

Therefore, God endowed Adam with the ability to urinate while he was standing.

Because Adam was so ecstatic, he just started zooming all over the place. First, he drew his name in the sand, then he “did the helicopter” with his thing, and finally, he drew on the side of a rock.

“Look Eve, I am a sprinkler!”

Both God and Eve found his antics to be quite amusing. Finally, God turned to Eve and remarked, “Well, I guess you are kind of stuck with the last thing I have left.”

Eve was curious and questioned, “What is that?”

God said, “Brains.”