It came as a surprise to us when the teacher of our son requested us to come to the school for a talk when we were there.
When asked why the teacher did not like her drawings, she said that she did not like her own drawings when she was asked why the teacher did not like her paintings. The following day, we went to the school to talk to her teacher.

After having a conversation with his son’s educator, the parent made the decision to write a blog post about his experiences with his son’s school.

Because of the comical way in which the scenario played out, the amused parent decided to post about it on Facebook so that other people might join in on the hilarity with him. It was said in his status update on Facebook that “Our six-year-old handed us a note.” His teacher had requested that my wife and I come in for an unexpected conference. When we questioned our son about whether or not he had any insight into the matter, he stated, “She didn’t like a drawing that I did.”

“We went in the next day, and his teacher pulled out the drawing, and she said, ‘I asked him to draw his family, and he drew this, would you mind explaining?'”

In the artwork, there were four people depicted, each of them had what appeared to be cords around their necks. If someone didn’t know anything about the family, their initial reaction to seeing that drawing would be quite understandable: alarm.
The parents did not even bat an eye when they were told that the photo needed to be explained; they were completely oblivious to the fact. The teacher’s anxieties were quickly put to rest when the father instantly stated, “We were snorkeling off the coast of the Bahamas.”

On the other hand, there was debate going on online over whether or not the teacher’s perspective was correct in carrying out this action.

One user wrote, “This is bloody hysteria,” referring to the situation. “Seriously, who needs that kind of drama.”

“Are we having an emergency meeting about this?” I am aware that it is not the best drawing, but I believe that it is fairly apparent…” A other user has written.

Another individual questioned, “What kind of a teacher was this?” “Children are naive… they find joy in doing pictures that aren’t malicious.
However, there were people who thought the instructor had behaved in an appropriate manner. An individual who used the service provided the following feedback: “I would want to know, even if it’s a false alarm… it’s better safe than sorry.”

Someone person brought up the possibility that the meeting may have been avoided altogether if the teacher had simply asked the youngster about their feelings. The user wrote: “If I were a teacher, the first thing I would have done is asked the student what it was.” Snorkeling is what the child would have said. The end of the story”

Others, on the other hand, believed that it was better to err on the side of caution than regret afterwards. Someone wrote that it doesn’t matter what they say because the youngster is already six years old. You are required to exercise reasonable care.”

After that, this individual arrived at the following conclusion: “The instructor behaved appropriately. These interventions have been responsible for the saving of lives. Seriously.”

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