It doesn’t matter what color they are, how big they are, what species they are, or how long their hair is; animals can still be stunning and endearing. When it comes to the appeal of attractiveness, though, the softest and fluffiest of the hairy animals unquestionably have the upper hand.

According to one school of thought, when we find an animal adorable, we are perceiving in them qualities that we wish to see in our own offspring. Because humans also find these characteristics endearing in healthy young children, we find it adorable when animals have big eyes, round heads, and small snouts. The fluffier an animal is, the more its sharper characteristics are buried, and the more it looks like a chubby toddler than a lean young adult. When you put some thought into it, you’ll realize that it does make sense.
Scroll down below if you are interested in viewing our collection of animals that have a fluffy appearance. We have added penguins, cows, and even a pig to our collection of fuzzy options, in addition to the traditional fuzzy alternatives such as fluffy cats and fluffy dogs.

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