Whoopi Goldberg sided with country music superstar Miranda Lambert in a heated debate on the cultural implications of celebrity selfies on the set of ABC’s daytime talk program ‘The View’. During yesterday’s episode, the audience and observers across the nation engaged in a heated discussion regarding a controversial topic.

Miranda Lambert’s recent Instagram post of a candid photograph taken while visiting a children’s hospital, where she spent time with young patients, sparked the selfie controversy. While some lauded the Grammy-winning artist for bringing joy to the children, others criticized her for “self-promotion” and “insensitivity.”


On ‘The View,’ co-host Joy Behar led the charge against Lambert’s selfie, contending that such posts undermine the sincerity of charitable acts and instead emphasize self-promotion. Behar’s perspective resonated with a number of the show’s other presenters, resulting in a heated discussion in which Meghan McCain and Sunny Hostin voiced their concerns about the impact of celebrity-driven social media culture.

When Whoopi Goldberg, a longtime presenter and Academy Award-winning actress, defended Miranda Lambert, the conversation took an unexpected turn. Goldberg contended vehemently that celebrities such as Lambert could utilize their vast social media influence to raise awareness for crucial causes. She argued that highlighting charitable endeavors through selfies could inspire followers to engage in similar acts of charity.


“Sometimes, the selfie is simply a way to say, ‘Hey, look at this beautiful child, look at what they’re going through, and look at how we can help,'” said Goldberg. It’s not just about the photographer; it’s about the message they’re attempting to convey.”

Through a series of tweets, Lambert responded to the escalating controversy, stating, “I’m so grateful to have the platform to bring attention to the fantastic work being done. If a straightforward selfie can inspire even one individual to donate or volunteer, then it is worthwhile.”

As the discussion persisted, tempers flared, but in the end, civil discourse prevailed on ‘The View.’ Some viewers on social media agreed with Joy Behar’s viewpoint, while others praised Whoopi Goldberg for emphasizing the potential good that photographs can bring to charitable causes.

As the show came to a close, the co-hosts acknowledged that the issue was complex and that the debate itself illustrated the necessity of striking a balance between self-promotion on social media and the use of platforms for meaningful causes.

This controversial episode of ‘The View’ not only drew attention to the controversy surrounding celebrity selfies, but also spurred a national discussion about the role of social media in promoting charitable causes. How celebrities and influencers will navigate this shifting landscape and achieve a balance between self-expression and meaningful advocacy remains to be seen.