Sylvester Stallone, an iconic actor and director, has taken a stand against “woke crap” on the set of his upcoming film, sending shockwaves through the entertainment industry and igniting a heated debate among fans and industry professionals.

During a recent press conference for his highly anticipated new film, Stallone, known for his roles in the “Rocky” and “Rambo” franchises, made his position plain. The Hollywood veteran did not hold back as he discussed the current state of the industry while standing in front of a backdrop depicting scenes from his action-packed film.

“In this film, we’re returning to the roots of traditional storytelling and action,” Stallone asserted. “No awake nonsense will be tolerated on my set. We are here to entertain the audience, not to promote a particular agenda.”

In recent years, the term “woke crap” has become increasingly popular, with some using it to describe media content that they perceive to be excessively politically correct or focused on social issues. Stallone’s statement appears to reflect his desire to create a film in which action, narrative, and entertainment take precedence over politically charged themes.

However, the actor’s comments have generated controversy. According to critics, ignoring “woke” elements in storytelling can be interpreted as a refusal to acknowledge and address significant social and cultural issues. They argue that inclusive representation and diverse perspectives in film are essential for a society in constant evolution.

Despite the criticism, Stallone’s position has garnered significant support from supporters and industry leaders who share his perspective. The actor has been inundated with both praise and criticism on social media, with the debate continuing unabated.

Industry insiders speculate whether Stallone’s decision to distance his film from “woke” themes will effect its box office performance or reception. In recent years, Hollywood has witnessed an increase in films and television programmes that aspire to be more inclusive and address social issues, and some argue that this approach resonates with a wider audience.

Stallone, who is renowned for his unyielding resolve, is no stranger to controversy and has endured censure throughout his career. However, the actor-director remains unfazed, and his devoted fanbase suggests that the film will garner significant attention upon its release.

As the dust settles from the press conference, the question remains: Will Sylvester Stallone’s “no woke crap” approach to filmmaking propel his new film to success, or run the risk of alienating a significant portion of the audience?

As the project progresses, all eyes will be on the movie’s production and eventual release to see how this audacious move fares in the ever-changing Hollywood film industry.