A teacher instructed her young class to request a family moral story from their parents.The following day in class, Joe provided his own example: “My dad is a farmer, and we have hens.
When we struck a large bump on the road one day while transporting several eggs to the market in a basket on the front seat of the truck.

All the eggs shattered when the basket slipped off the seat. The story’s lesson is to avoid putting all of your eggs in one basket.

Very good, the teacher said.

Mary then continued, “We are farmers too.”

When the twenty eggs finally hatched, we only received ten chicks. Not counting your chickens before they hatch is the story’s lesson.

The teacher praised once more, “Very good,” clearly happy with the outcome thus far.

The next speaker was Barney, who stated, “My dad told me this tale about my Aunt Karen.

During the war, Aunt Karen worked as a flight engineer, and her aircraft was struck.

She was forced to flee over hostile country with nothing but a whiskey bottle, a machine gun, and a machete.

Go ahead, the teacher prompted.

In order to prepare herself, Aunt Karen drank the whiskey on the way down.

Then she descended directly among a hundred hostile soldiers.

With the machine gun, she eliminated 70 of them before she ran out of ammunition.

Then, until the machete’s blade snapped, she killed another twenty people.

She then used her bare hands to slay the final ten people.

The shocked teacher exclaimed, “Good heavens, what did your father say was the moral of that terrifying Story?”

The youngster said:

“Avoid Aunt Karen if she has been drinking,” was the advice.