Many students are clueless about what to do with their free time when summer break arrives.

While some teenagers choose to work over the summer, others choose to go to camp or take a family trip.

But West Virginian Ellie Yeater, 14, had a clear idea of what she wanted to do with her summer.

She would devote her efforts to realizing her fantasy of converting an outdated camper into a lovely setting where she could socialize with her friends.

And the outcome? All praise in the world is due to this girl.
Ellie Yeater, then 14 years old, made the decision to totally refurbish a camper from 1974 over the summer of 2016.

She bought it with birthday money and transformed it into a lovely home.

It was going to take a lot of work to clean up the inside.

The furniture needed a complete refurbishment because it had not been touched since the 1970s.

Lori, Elli’s mother, said that it required a lot of labor.
However, Ellie was prepared to tackle her goal project and she began by scrubbing the floors.

Both her father and brother are skilled renovators, and they were nearby to assist and direct her.

It was now time to start decorating after scraping the floors and eliminating the rot.

The camper’s color was the first thing Ellie wanted to alter.

She painted it a vivid, stunning blue dubbed “mystic sea” since she wanted it to reflect her personal flair.

It was now time to focus on the interior.

Ellie gave it a peachy tone and an aqua blue accent.
Ellie also installed a completely new floor.

The outdated tiles from the 1970s were replaced with brand-new ones with a wood pattern.
Ellie needed to bring in the decorations at this point.

Even Ellie’s grandmother joined in at this point, making curtains, towels, and pillowcases.
The camper is scarcely recognisable in the before and after photos since Ellie transformed it into her own personal retreat over the course of one summer.

Isn’t it amazing what a 14-year-old was capable of accomplishing on their own? Impressive!
Ellie received suggestions and direction from her loved ones who wished to support her with her summer project while she worked on it.

Of course, they were always welcome to go see her in her camper.
“I never told her that there was nothing she couldn’t do. She’s always thought beyond the box. She should never feel like she has to stick to the rules, in my opinion. “I want her to color the whole page,” exclaims Lori, Ellie’s mother.

Talk about spending your summer break productively! Fantastic work, Ellie!

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