Even though her husband had been in and out of a coma for a number of months, a woman continued to spend each and every day by his side as he had treatment.
When he finally regained consciousness one day, he motioned for her to get closer.

He said something with his eyes welling up with tears as she sat next to him;

You are aware of what? You have never left my side, even when things were at their worst.

You were there to support me when I was let go from my job.

You were there for me during the failure of my business.

You were there for me when I was shot. Thank you.

When we were unable to save the house, you…

You remained here even after we had to move out of the house.

You did not leave my side even when the condition of my health deteriorated.

You Are Aware of That?

“What could it be, my dear?” She asked in a soft voice, smiling as her heart started to become increasingly heated.

“I think you’re just cursed with bad luck.”