The lady never left her husband’s side, caring for him diligently for months despite his unconsciousness. He eventually came to, and her perseverance and faith in a miracle were ultimately rewarded. He gestured weakly for her to approach as he thanked and admired her for her steadfast support.
He recalled the struggles they had endured together, including his scary gunshot incident and the failure of his business and career. His wife had been by his side the entire time, unwavering in her love and support.

He acknowledged the tragic loss of their home and her decision to stick by his side during the storm. During his worst moments, her presence had been a ray of hope. Their link got stronger as his health deteriorated, and she remained steadfast in her love for him.
He was in awe of her fortitude and fortitude as he thought back on their voyage. The light that had sustained him had been her unflinching love and understanding. The woman softly grinned in anticipation of more heartfelt compliments from her boyfriend.
Then, however, he suddenly paused. In a vulnerable moment, he said the startling words, “I think you are bad luck.” She was startled by his unexpected revelation, and her smile gradually vanished. His remarks weighed heavily on the room as everything fell silent.
The wife struggled to understand his comment and felt confused and wounded. Her thoughts raced, seeking explanations and doubting the authenticity of his earlier declarations of love and thanks.She struggled with the abrupt change in their discourse as emotions raced through her. What had appeared to be a sincere expression of thanks had suddenly changed course. The wife’s heart plummeted as she processed her husband’s remarks with a mixture of anguish and confusion. Their relationship was now in jeopardy as uncertainty engulfed the space.