A man and his wife were arguing while they were in bed together. Finally, he got up and brought a blanket over to the couch where he was sitting.
The next day, the woman, who felt awful about what had transpired, made the decision to purchase her husband a gift. Recognizing that her husband was an ardent golfer, she went to the pro shop at the course where he typically played golf. She had a conversation with the pro, and during their conversation, he recommended a putter to her and showed her one of his best.

She wanted to know, “How much is it?”
“One hundred and fifty dollars,” was the response that he gave.
She expressed her opinion to him that it was a bit pricey and he agreed with her.
He explained, “However, it does come with an inscription.”
Her question was, “What kind of inscription?”
He continued by saying, “Whatever you wish, but one of the old golfers’ favorites is, ‘NEVER UP, NEVER IN.'”
The wife exclaimed in disbelief, “Oh, that will never do!” “That’s the very thing that got us into trouble in the first place!”