“An elderly couple is driving to see their relatives. Being seniors, they chose to check into a room because they were too exhausted to drive another nearly eleven hours. They only intended to rest for four hours before continuing their journey”.

“Four hours later, when they checked out, the desk clerk gave them a $350.00 bill. The man blows up and cries out, “Why is the charge so high?” Even though it’s a great hotel, he told the clerk, the rooms weren’t worth $350.00 for four hours. The cashier then informs him that the “standard rate” is $350.00. He was determined to speak with the Manager”.
“The hotel’s manager shows up, listens to him out, and then clarifies that we could utilize the hotel’s Olympic-sized pool and sizable conference center”.

“The spouse countered, “But we didn’t use them”.

“The Manager said, “Well, they are here and you could have. The manager continued by saying that the pair might have attended one of the hotel’s world-famous performances. “We have the best entertainers from New York, Hollywood, and Las Vegas perform here,” the manager claims”.
“The Manager said, “Well, we have them, and you could have.””

“The manager described every luxury, and the husband always said, “But we didn’t use it!” When the Manager remained unmoved, the husband eventually gave up and consented to pay”.
“He requested his wife to write the check because he was missing his checkbook. She did and gave the Manager the item. When he examines the check, the manager is taken aback. “But ma’am, this is only made out for $50.00.””

“”That’s accurate. You paid me $300 to sleep with you, she retorted. The Manager exclaims, “But I didn’t.” “Well, too bad, you could have, and I was here.””

“Don’t meddle with the elderly…They didn’t become that old by being illiterate”!