I was at Walmart scanning and bagging my nearly $300 worth of groceries when this incident occurred while the worker who wants $15 an hour “monitors.”

Why do you double bag all of your groceries, she asks?

Please pardon me.

You are wasting our bags, Her!

Me: Feel free to come over here and bag the goods yourself if you don’t like how I’m bagging them.

Her: I’m not in charge of that!

Me: If that’s good with you, I’ll bag my groceries however I see fit.

Why are you using two bags, Her?

Me, as I don’t want the handles to snap off or the bottoms to pull out of the bags because they are fragile.

Her response: “Well, that’s because you are stuffing the bag with too much stuff,” You wouldn’t need to double bag if you took out half of those stuff and put it in a new bag.

I just stared at her for ten seconds.

You want me to divide these products in half and place the other half in a different bag so that I won’t have to double bag them, so I’ll do that.

Exactly her.

Me, so I would still be packing the same amount in two bags.

No, you wouldn’t be double bagging, she said.

*Me trying to stop the twitching in my left eye by pushing two fingers to it.

Me: “Okay, so I have a double-bagged milk jug and juice bottle here.” Even if I remove the milk, do away with the double bagging, and simply place the juice and milk in that same bag, I will still be using two bags for these two items.

Her response was, “No, you’re not double bagging them, so there aren’t the same amount of bags.”

*I’m gazing around at roughly ten other patrons who are currently taking in the entertainment.

I keep hearing about the Common Core math, is this similar?

Her- forget it; you’re just not understanding.