A man made the decision to tattoo his final words to himself in order to permanently imprint the memories of his deceased daughter in his subconscious mind.
The deceased tragically passed away from cancer at a very young age, and his devoted father has now immortalised her by tattooing his body with a message that comprised her final words.
The dad wrote: “My daughter died of cancer before she died. She made this drawing for me, and now I wear it on my skin.” in a social media post.

It’s heartbreaking to see the corresponding photo of the girl saying, “I love you dad,” what appear to be her final words.

Internet users who were captivated by the story have expressed their thoughts on it;

@Whats4_T_MattyD; Brung a tear to that person’s eye. We take the tiny things for granted far too much as parents. I’ll try to appreciate every morning I can, even if it’s just waking my kids.

@GrazaWhu; I can’t even fathom going through it. I’m hoping that gets him through.

@DragonLord1975; Similar content has been seen on #InkMaster in the past. the heartstrings are pulled. The bond between a father and child is as permanent as the ink. THE message is in it.

Heartbreaking, @RedBloodYNWA. After viewing that, I actually had to walk into the girls’ room to wake them up and embrace them. I’m not sure where people have the energy to carry on after that.

@steveleavis; Both tragic and motivational at the same time. more fortitude than I could muster. Blessings to your daughter. I’m going to go thank God for mine, which is still there. Bravo to you.