A couple was resting in bed one night after 20 years of marriage when the wife felt her husband start touching her in ways he hadn’t in a while.

His fingers began at her neck and almost tickled as they moved past the small of her back.

Then he slowly moved his hand down one side, then the other, halting just over her lower tummy after gliding it past her shoulders and neck.

After that, he moved his hand to her left inner arm and caressed it downward once more as he worked down her side, slipped his fingers lightly over and between her buttocks, and then moved it down her leg to her calf.

He continued up her inner thigh before halting just above her upper calf.

On her right side, he carried on in the same fashion until he abruptly stopped, rolled over, and went silent.

She asked in a tender voice, “That was wonderful. ” She had been highly excited by this stroking. How come you stopped?

“I found the remote,” he declared.