A young woman invites her fiancé to see her parents at home.
Her mother asks her father to inquire about the young man after supper.

The father offers the fiancée a drink in his study.

What are your plans then? The son is questioned by the father.

He answers, “I am a Torah scholar.

A Torah expert. The father responds, “Hmm.”

admirable, but what will you do to give my daughter a comfortable home to live in, as she is used to?

The young guy responds, “I will study, and God will provide for us.”

And how are you going to get her the gorgeous engagement ring she deserves? the father queries.

The young guy responds, “I’ll focus on my studies; God will provide for us.”

And kids? the father queries. How will you provide for the kids?

“The fiance responds, “Don’t worry, sir, God will provide.” The conversation continues in this manner, with the father asking”,

The idealistic young man is adamant that God would provide.

The mother afterwards queries, “How went it, darling?”

“He has no goals or a career, but the good news is that he believes I am God, the father responds”.