A lawyer named Max formerly lived in a world where marriage enigmas are common and where love and folly frequently collide. Max, a fervent supporter of reason and logic, thought the courtroom had covered every possible scenario. He had no idea that his own marriage would soon become the scene of the most perplexing case of his life.

The vivacious Stella, a woman of unmatched wit and charm, had caught Max’s attention. Their brief relationship resulted in a wedding that signaled the beginning of an exciting journey. However, Stella dropped a bombshell on the night of their wedding, sending Max’s legal mind into a tailspin.

Stella batted her eyelashes, “Please be gentle, I’m still a virgin,” purring.

Max raised his eyebrows in shock. “What?” he gasped, desperately trying to come up with an explanation in his mind. If you’ve been married ten times, how is it possible?

Stella gave a cheeky grin and started to relate her story of peculiar marriage mishaps with a glint in her eye.

She introduced herself as saying, “Husband #1 was a slick-talking salesman. He persuaded me that marriage would be wonderful, but the product was flawed.

Max nodded, attempting to make sense of this strange comparison.

“Husband #2 worked in the software industry. He said he would ‘repair’ it, but the answer was as elusive as a file that vanished during a computer breakdown.

Max chuckled in response to the analogy.

The expert in field services was Husband #3. The system never quite “rose” to the occasion, despite his claims that everything was in great operating order.

Max fought back a chuckle as his legal persona started to falter.

Stella went on to describe the eccentricities and shortcomings of Husbands #4 through #9, each of whom had their own professional shortcomings and perplexing methods for approaching marital intimacy.

She added with a sigh, “Husband #10 was a stamp collector. He is sorely missed! But now that I have you, Max, my darling lawyer, I feel ready to go headfirst into this new chapter!”

Max couldn’t help but laugh out loud when he realized how funny it was. His analytical defenses had been breached by Stella’s astute parallels, and he was now spellbound by her wit.

As Stella playful prodded Max’s ribs, her eyes sparkled with mischief. “Max, as a lawyer, you’re the ideal fit for me, as you can see. This time, I know I’m gonna get screwed… in the most delicious way!”

Max grinned widely as he understood that in the maze of love, the most unlikely roads frequently lead to the greatest joy. And so Max and Stella set out on a trip where logic and love entwined in the most gloriously ludicrous way as the moon poured its glow over the newlyweds’ room filled with laughing.