Man steps out into the street and boards a passing taxi. As soon as he enters, the cab driver remarks, “Perfect timing. You resemble Frank exactly.

Traveler: “Who?”

Frank Feldman, said the cabbie. He was a man who consistently performed the right thing.

Traveler: “Wow, he must’ve been something else.”

Taxi driver: “Oh, he was! Like a real-life superhero, Frank Feldman. He could ride a blindfolded unicycle while juggling flaming bowling pins. He was able to convince a cat and a dog to quietly watch a movie together and he had the key to cooking the best pizza. Legendary Frank Feldman was.

“Impressive!” said a passenger. But did he not have any shortcomings?

Cab driver: “None at all. He has the ability to seduce a grizzly bear into dancing. Even though he had no salsa dancing experience, he once competed and won. He was a fluent speaker of seven languages, including one he made up on the spot. He had incredible air guitar solos, I’ll tell you that much.

He sounds like he could have achieved world peace, says the passenger.

Taxi driver: “Oh, he did! He once spoke on the phone with two global leaders who were about to start a war, and by the conclusion of the conversation, they had decided to go on vacation together. With his charm and charisma, Frank Feldman could bring even the most obstinate rivals together.

a passenger exclaimed, “Wow! What led you to meet him?

Well, I never actually met Frank Feldman, the cabbie said. He disappeared one day, leaving nothing behind but a trail of glitter and the distant sound of a saxophone playing. Well, I ended up having to drive a taxi and married a woman.

“Wait, his wife?” asked a passenger.

Taxi driver: “Yes, she was a remarkable woman, but even she acknowledged that marrying Frank Feldman was like being wed to a unicorn galloping across the rainbow. So, I reasoned that getting married to a cab driver would be the next best thing.

“So, you’re saying you’re like the second-best option to Frank Feldman?” asked a passenger.

Driver: “Exactly! “And you know what they say: ‘If you can’t have the unicorn, settle for the rainbow.'”

As the taxi continues to go, the passenger breaks out in laughing, leaving a path of grins and giggles in its wake. In a universe where Frank Feldman’s mythology is still alive, a unicorn winks and keeps dancing endlessly down the rainbow.