A husband and wife choose Hooters to celebrate their 20th wedding anniversary in the hopes of having a good time and creating lasting memories. A lovely and busty blond waitress came over as they took their seats to take their drink orders.

The husband felt compelled to stir the pot in jest. “Oh my god, you are absolutely gorgeous!” he shouted as he turned to face the waitress.

His wife simply rolled her eyes and grinned since she could see this happening a mile away. She was adamant that nothing would spoil their special evening.

But the hubby was having a good day. Why don’t you present your wife to her, you pig, he continued? Or even better, tell her about your erection trouble. He couldn’t help but laugh at the arrogance of himself.

Keeping her cool, the wife leaned in and said, “Just remember, your erectile dysfunction is the reason we’re still together after all these years.”

The waitress attempted to maintain her composure after catching wind of the couple’s humorous banter, but she was unable to hide her uneasy smile.

The waitress’s smile inspired the husband to go one step farther. He grinned and added, “Ma’am, I’d like to introduce you to my erectile dysfunction – my wife.” He then turned to face the waitress and pointed at his wife.

The waitress laughed out loud at the unexpected turn of events. Well, it’s an honor to meet your… wife, sir, she responded.

The wife joined in the hilarity, raising her glass in toast, “Here’s to my husband’s unique sense of humor and our 20 years of putting up with each other.”

They all three had a genuine moment of laughter. The remainder of the evening went well as the couple relished their delectable meal, reminisced, and delighted in each other’s company, all the while making a memory they would undoubtedly treasure for another 20 years.