A pregnant woman was boarding a bus when she observed a young man smiling at her from across the aisle. It was a funny yet a little strange encounter. She made the decision to go to a different seat to put some space between them after becoming uneasy. But as she moved, to her amazement, the man’s smile changed into a grin. She moved chairs once again when she started to feel more uneasy. But it appeared that the man thought her movements to be pretty comical.
Unfazed, the expectant mother switched seats a fourth time in an effort to prevent any potential unpleasantness. This time, though, the man started giggling, which led her to finally confront the bus driver about the man’s actions. The bus driver seriously considered the complaint and had the man taken into custody.

The young man, who was roughly 20 years old, was asked to explain himself by the judge during the court proceeding. “The man claimed that when the woman boarded the bus, he couldn’t help but notice her state”. During her seat changes, he recalled a string of humorous coincidences that had happened.
The banners hanging above each seat seemed to comically relate to the pregnant woman’s circumstances as she travelled from one to the next. She initially took a seat next to a candy store sign that announced “THE DOUBLEMINT TWINS ARE COMING,” which made him grin. She then sat down next to a “sign that read”, “LOGAN’S LINIMENT WILL REDUCE THE SWELLING,” which made him smile once more. “She then sat down next to a deodorant sign that read”, “WILLIAMS BIG STICK DID THE TRICK,” almost making him laugh.

But the moment the expectant woman moved to a seat next to a placard that jokingly said, “GOODYEAR RUBBER COULD HAVE PREVENTED THIS ACCIDENT,” was when the man’s calm finally gave way. He finally lost control of his laughter and started laughing out loud.
The man’s explanation and the events’ progression pleased the judge, who couldn’t help but find humour in the predicament. He conceded that it was just coincidence and harmless laughter, and he threw the case out.

Even though the incident resulted in legal action, it serves as a reminder of how an innocent series of events can occasionally lead to a humorous moment. It was ultimately a humorous meeting that made everyone in the courtroom and probably many more who heard about it grin.