You are tasked with finding the error that has been purposefully concealed inside the above image, which depicts a couple enjoying a romantic dinner by candlelight.
You can see a man and a woman having supper together at the table in the image, and there are candles lit in the middle of the table.

In this mental challenge, your objective is to spot the error that has been made in the picture of the candlelight dinner where a couple is having a good time together while eating some delicious food.

Because it is a more subtle error than you may imagine, it is quite unlikely that you will spot it right away when you first read it. However, if you spend a few moments to think about it, you might be able to spot the error in the photo. e? Take note of the man’s selection of cutlery from the set on the table.

The man in the picture is therefore doing something incorrectly because he has a fork in both of his hands. The man is chopping the meat with a fork because the knife is nowhere to be found.