Before entering into a long-term relationship, it’s important to look out for any potential warning flags because love can frequently make us oblivious to our partner’s imperfections.
If your man possesses any of the following 15 vices, you might want to reconsider getting married:

He Doesn’t Believe in You
If your partner frequently looks through your phone and restricts your connections with male pals, it’s a sign of possessiveness and a lack of trust. This behavior could deteriorate with time, leading to more restrictions and a controlling relationship. This behavior shouldn’t be disregarded because it could later become a serious issue.
He Hates Animals
Psychologists claim that people who dislike animals might not have empathy or compassion. These people might also not be good father figures. It would be advisable to avoid future planning if your lover meets this criteria.

He disregards your commands.
Every partnership has expectations or rules that both partners must follow. If your boyfriend repeatedly violates these commitments, it is a sign that he is unfaithful to you and doesn’t give a damn about how you feel. The difference between words and deeds makes vows to change seem hollow.

He is Unreliable with Promises.
Regularly breaking promises shows a lack of commitment and regard for the partnership. Your spouse may be more interested in having fun than building a long-term commitment if he consistently let’s you down.

You Are Second to Everything Else in His Life A successful relationship requires both parties to put out effort. If your partner constantly puts other things before you, this is a strong sign that he doesn’t appreciate the connection. It is a waste of time to spend time with someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

He thinks he’s perfect.
Although having confidence is important, having too much of it can harm relationships and limit personal growth. Your guy’s assumption that he is always correct and refusal to make accommodations or accept his mistakes will lead to inequality and conflict.

He finds explanations for everything
While occasionally unavoidable, a propensity for making excuses and failing to follow through on important occasions is a symptom of indifference. Spending time with someone who constantly puts their relationship last is not worth your time.
He reignites old conflicts.
Healthy relationships will occasionally experience disagreements, but bringing up the past frequently breeds negativity and resentment. If your man constantly brings up old disagreements, the foundation of your relationship will crumble.

He Doesn’t Want to Talk to You
Open communication is essential regardless of the reason for a disagreement. Your boyfriend isn’t interested in you if he consistently rejects your requests for conversation or attention. In order to avoid emotional scars, the relationship must be reevaluated in certain circumstances.

He regularly tells lies.
If your partner has a history of lying or cheating, it is unlikely that he will change. His reasons are continually a mystery, which can make one anxious and depressed. It’s crucial to prioritize your emotional wellbeing and to consider moving on.

He’s excessively sentimental.
Even while a partner’s emotional attachment to you is common, excessive clinginess can be oppressive. Personal space and distinct interests are essential components of a successful connection. Find a partner who enjoys your company, has their own aspirations, and is willing to spend time alone.
His family is hated by him.
If your boyfriend harbors a deep resentment toward his family, compatibility issues could develop in the future. It’s important to realize how much our parents shape who we are. A man may not value you as highly if he doesn’t value his family.

Using Tobacco
Smoking is a harmful, addictive habit that exposes moral brittleness. It raises concerns about his commitment and priorities for the future, especially if you want to start a family, if your partner won’t quit smoking or doesn’t prioritize it for the good of your relationship.

Too young, he
Even when occasional childlike behavior may be endearing, continuous immaturity and a refusal to accept responsibility can strain a relationship. Being impatient, stubborn, or hesitant to accept responsibility are signs of a lack of personal development and could damage your relationship.

Abuse in any kind should never be tolerated or justified. Physical or psychological abuse is never accepted. Put your safety and wellbeing first by quitting the relationship as soon as possible if your boyfriend is abusive.