Dolly Parton is done with taking her show on the road. Parton stated in a recent interview that she had completed her final tour. Still, followers shouldn’t be too saddened by the news. Although the 76-year-old singer has no plans to go on another major tour, she does plan to sing from time to time.

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Parton has a valid explanation about her personal life as to why she will not be touring in the future. In this article, you can find out the legendary musician’s thoughts on the matter.

Six years have passed since Parton’s last tour. The Pure & Simple Tour supported her album of the same name. From June through December 2016, the singer performed in sixty different North American cities. Her website claims this was her most extensive tour of the Americas in over 25 years.

A world tour by Parton had already taken place in 2014 before the Pure & Simple Tour began.

She shared the reasoning behind her decision to retire from touring.

Parton told Pollstar in an interview published on October 27 that “Even though I doubt I’ll ever go on another tour, I know I’ll occasionally play one-off gigs. Think of playing a few gigs at a festival, or a string of shows over a long weekend. However, I no longer plan to embark on a serious tour.”

She and her spouse of 56 years, Carl Dean, are both getting older, she said.

I’ve done this my whole life, and it’s exhausting,” she said. “I prefer to stay at home to spend time with my husband when I am not working and travelling. Now that we’re older, I can’t see being away from home for more than a month. Potentially, something will occur. If I were gone when somebody needed me, I would feel bad about it. Alternatively, if a family member or friend became ill and required my care at home, I would feel terrible about abandoning the fans and the trip.”

Additionally, she has difficulty balancing her time because of her touring commitments.

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Parton also mentioned the time and effort required to organize a tour as a factor for her decision to move on from that element of her career.

When asked how long it takes to organize a tour, Parton said, “Months.” “Yes, that means you’ll be absent for the full duration. It’s a lot trickier than most people realize. It takes at least six months and probably closer to a year, to properly prepare for a tour. You can’t expect a payoff for your efforts if you only take on a small number of gigs”.

Two years ago, she told her followers that she would be slowing down.

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Parton told T Magazine in December 2020 that she planned to take more time off the following year.

She jokingly proclaimed, “I’m sick of Dolly, aren’t you?” (via The Independent). “At this point if I have to hear more Dolly Parton songs or news articles, I might scream..”

She had previously stated that she would continue releasing new music after retiring from concert tours. “From the Bedside with Dolly, I can definitely do more a capella records. Dolly Parton’s Last Songs! “She made a lighthearted remark. A picture emerges, doesn’t it, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, she continues to put in hard work and long hours.

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Parton reiterated in her Pollstar interview that she would continue to work despite her retirement from touring. She’s also working on a new rock and roll album and a TV Christmas special while keeping an eye out for special shows to perform in. This year, she co-authored a novel with James Patterson, and the film adaptation, titled Run, Rose, Run, features her as the lead character.

“That’s being adapted into a film produced by Reese Witherspoon. To that end, I intend to, Parton said. “However, if I am offered interesting parts, I would like to continue appearing in quality films on occasion”.