An angelic peacemaker greeted Emily when she arrived at the pearly gates in the heavenly realm. Emily asked the important question, “What do I have to do to get in?” confused but anxious to begin her heavenly adventure.

You just need to spell a word, the angel said in a voice as soothing as a gentle breeze.

When Emily saw that this activity didn’t appear difficult, her anxiety subsided. “That doesn’t sound bad,” she said. How do I spell this word?

The angel simply replied, “Love,” with a hint of sympathy in its gaze.

After her relief, Emily wasted no time. She quickly spelled out “L-O-V-E” while grinning with assurance. She was able to enter the celestial realm when the gates opened thanks to the angel’s appreciative gesture.

In this region of eternity, time moved in a strange way, and many months passed in peace. The angel manning the gate once came up to Emily and made a modest request. It asked, “Would you mind watching the gate for the day?” Without hesitation, Emily accepted her position and embraced her new position as a guardian.

A man with a recognisable face, none other than her adored husband, approached the gate as she stood at her position. Her heart jumped with a rush of surprise and excitement. “Oh, my love!” she cried, “What has happened to you so soon?”

Her husband’s eyes sparkled with a mixture of bittersweet feelings. “My love, it was a devastating blow when you left me that day. A unrelenting sadness that seemed insurmountable overwhelmed me. Nothing was able to fill the emptiness created by your departure. My entire world fell apart when you were in that terrible accident.

Emily’s eyes began to well up with tears as pity flooded her ghostly body. She muttered, “I hope you eventually found comfort and healing.

Her husband’s eyes compassionately locked onto hers. There was a nurse who treated you with compassion and who also cared for me. During those gloomy times, we supported one another and found comfort in our common loss. We became closer as time went on, and I became aware that I had made an unanticipated connection.

Emily nodded, knowing that life’s bends frequently took unexpected directions. She inquired with a mix of wonder and worry, “And what happened next?”

His voice was warm with cherished recollections as he stated, “We found comfort in each other’s company, and eventually, I asked her to marry me.” “With optimism for the future, we left for our honeymoon. But destiny had other ideas.

When fate’s arbitrary nature was mentioned, Emily’s heart broke. She muttered, “That’s why you’re here,” as she began to understand.

With a rueful smile tugging at his lips, her spouse nodded. With a note of humorous eagerness in his voice, he continued, “So… what do I have to do to get in?”

Emily smiled softly and looked into his eyes. “All you have to do is spell a word.”

His elation was apparent. “Is that it? A huge relief! How do I spell this word?

Emily gave him a tender look. She said, “Baccalaureate,” with a sly grin on her face.

He laughed after blinking in amazement. “Well, that’s definitely a difficult one.”