Even though twins are relatively frequent, some people are always curious about how two different people can be so similar.

However, despite their resemblances, Megan and Morgan’s twin Morgan attracted more than just bystanders’ curiosity. When they were four years old, they had eyes the color of clear water, and when their picture was taken, it soon went viral online.

The “Trueblue Twins” nickname was created because photographs of Megan and Morgan Boyd that their mother had posted on Instagram became viral when they were only four years old.
Most parents drool over photos of their young children, but the twins’ unique looks caught everyone’s attention. More than 153,000 people follow them on Instagram right now.
I believe it’s easy to understand why, too.

2011’s June 6 marked the delivery of the twin girls.
The idea for the girls’ nickname came from their mother, Stephanie. She was the one who started calling them the “Trueblue Twins” because to their recognizable blue eyes.
If you want to tell Megan from Morgan, you have to look at their eyes especially.
Megan is the only person with two blue eyes. Morgan’s right eye is dark brown instead of blue, giving it a completely distinct appearance.

These are the girls as they currently seem at the age of nine.

Many twins are used to donning the same clothes. The Trueblues are no different in this sense, as you can see.
According to Stephanie, she likes stocking her daughters’ closets with clothes.

Her primary concern is for the mental and emotional well of her twin daughters.

Numerous admirers have been intrigued and amazed by the girls’ unusual eye color.
Although some people of African origin instantly assume that adults with blue eyes are using colored contacts, blue eyes can actually be caused by a rare gene.

Despite having blue eyes naturally, Stephanie, the mother of the Trueblue Twins, insists she doesn’t wear colored contacts.

Despite the fact that her girls are now legitimate online celebrities, Stephanie seems to be grounded.
She is aware that Megan and Morgan’s natural attractiveness may help them have great modeling careers, but she does not want to put any pressure on them to do so. That is good counsel!

These gorgeous 11-year-olds are certainly lovely to look at.
Everything indicates that these cute sisters will grow up to be stunning women. Feel free to have this story if you have the same opinion.