Three small pigs formerly resided in a quaint little hamlet, where they were well-known for their voracious appetites and love of culinary exploration. One bright afternoon when they were very hungry, they made the decision to check out a brand-new eatery that had just begun operations. The moment they entered, they were greeted by the smells of delectable cuisine, and they were quickly seated at a welcoming table.

The pigs settled down and looked over the menu with eager eyes. It was obvious that this would be a lavish feast. A polite rabbit waiter with a notepad walked over to their table and prepared to take their orders.

The first pig grinned and said, “I’ll start with some chips and salsa.”

The second pig heartily nodded. “Let’s start with some mozzarella sticks,” I said.

The third pig, who had a malicious gleam in his eye, caught the waiter’s attention. He smiled and said, “Water, lots and loads of water.

After taking down their orders, the waiter quickly returned with the selected appetisers. The pigs eagerly tucked in, relishing each piece of their selected delicacies. They exchanged pleased looks and chatted about the culinary treats as empty plates replaced the previously filled ones.

The pigs were prepared for their main dishes after several rounds of substantial appetisers. When the waiter came back, they eagerly placed their orders.

The first pig said, “I’ll have a double cheeseburger, no onions.”

The other pig grinned. “Please pass the macaroni and cheese,” I said.

The decision of the third pig once more caused laughter at the table. “Water, a lot and lots and lots of water.”

The three small pigs eagerly ate their main courses after they were served. Plates were swiftly put away to make room for dessert, the culinary journey’s grand finale.

They quickly placed their dessert orders and signalled the server.

With a lick of his lips, the first pig said, “I’ll have a slice of cheesecake.”

The eyes of the second pig sparkled. Give me a bowl of chocolate soft-serve ice cream.

With a perplexed look on his face, the waiter turned to face the third pig. What about you, sir?

The third pig answered, barely holding back his laughter, “Water, lots and lots of water.”

The waiter came with the bill while the pigs were enjoying their dessert. He couldn’t help but wonder why the third pig kept asking for water over and over again during the meal. He finally gave in and inquired, “Why did you only order water this evening?” with a puzzled look.

As he leaned closer, the third pig’s eyes twinkled mischievously. Well, one of us needs to urinate all the way home, “wee wee wee!”

Around the table, laughter broke out, and the waiter couldn’t help but chuckle. It was a supper full of excellent food, but also of friendship, humour, and the delight of sharing experiences. The three young pigs left the restaurant with satisfied tummies, joyful hearts, and a memory they would always cherish: a story of a supper where the most straightforward decisions resulted in the most pleasant surprises.